Uploading a Zip file to Desire2Learn

Use the following steps to upload (or copy) the zip file into your course on Desire2Learn.

Step 1. Open the Desire2Learn course that you want to use for the SoftChalk lesson.

Step 2. Click Content.


Step 3. From the Content Areas box, click Manage Files.


Step 4. To create a new folder for your SoftChalk lesson, click New.

Note: It is very important that you upload your SoftChalk lessons into separate folders. You should have one folder for each SoftChalk lesson that you plan to offer in the course. If you have already created a folder for your SoftChalk lesson, skip to Step 6.


Step 5. Enter a name for your new folder (for example, Lesson_Unit1).

Step 6. Click the folder that you want to use for your SoftChalk lesson to open it.


Step 7. Check to make sure you are in the folder that you want to use for your SoftChalk lesson (for example, Lesson1), and then click Upload.


Step 8. Click [Browse].


Step 9. Search for the Zip file on your computer's hard drive. Once you locate the ZIP file, select it and click [Open].


Step 10. Click [Upload].

Step 11. Hover your mouse pointer over the zip filename to display the file menu. Click the drop-down box to open the menu.


Step 12. Click Unzip.


The SoftChalk lesson files will be unzipped to the selected folder (e.g., Lesson1).

Step 13. Locate the ZIP file from the list, open the file menu, and delete the ZIP file.