Link the SoftChalk lesson in D2L

Use the following steps to link your SoftChalk lesson in your course on Desire2Learn for your students to access.

Step 1. If necessary, open the Desire2Learn course that you want to use for the SoftChalk lesson.

Step 2. Click Content.


Step 3. Click New Topic.


Step 4. Click Quicklink.


Step 5. Complete the New Topic - Quicklink page.

Parent Module: Choose the Parent Module (for example, Unit 1: Introductions), or click Add Module to create a new module for this content itme.

Title: Enter a title for your SoftChalk lesson. Typically you would include the name that you used in the lesson itself.


Step 6. Click the URL icon.


Step 7. Open the Category drop-down menu.

Step 8. Select Course File from the list.


Step 9. Click [Add a File].


Step 10. Click on the name of the folder containing the SoftChalk lesson that you want to use (e.g., Lesson1).


Step 11. Locate the index.html file from the list. Click the option button to the left of the index.html file.


Step 12. Click the [Select File] button.

Step 13. Click the [Insert] button.


Step 14. Select (place a check mark) in the Open in New Window check box.

Note: Doing this will cause the SoftChalk lesson to open in a separate web browser window than your D2L course.

Step 15. Click [Save].


Step 16. Click Manage Content.

Notice that your Quicklink now displays on your Manage Content page. Be sure to test the link to make sure the SoftChalk lesson displays properly.