Open/Edit an Existing SoftChalk Lesson

ALWAYS use the steps below to open an existing SoftChalk lesson for editing purposes.

WARNING: You must NEVER open and edit a SoftChalk lesson using any program other than SoftChalk. If you attempt to open the SoftChalk lesson file using Microsoft Word, Adobe Dreamweaver, or any other editing software, the file will become corrupted. If that happens the presentation will be unusable and you may need to recreate it.

To open and edit a SoftChalk lesson...

Step 1. Open the SoftChalk application by either selecting the icon from your computer's desktop or selecting it from the Programs list.


Step 2. Open the File menu and click Open.


Step 3. If necessary, browse to the folder that contains your SoftChalk lesson files (for example, msum_football).


Step 4. Select the index.html file to edit the lesson in SoftChalk.


Step 5. Click [Open] to open the lesson file in SoftChalk.

The lesson opens in a SoftChalk edit window.