Adding Content -- Images, Audio, Video

You can add images, audio, and videos into your lessons. Use the steps below to learn how to insert media items into your content.

How-to insert an image

You can insert the following image file types: jpg, jpeg, gif, png, bmp. You cannot insert tif files.

Let's say you want to insert the MSUM Dragon logo into one of the pages in your lesson. Complete the following steps to learn how to insert images into your lessons.

Step 1. Place your cursor at the location in your SoftChalk lesson where you want to insert the image.

Step 2. From the SoftChalk menu bar, click Insert and then Image.

Step 3. From the Insert Image window, click [Select Image].


Step 4. Browse for the image that you want to insert.


Step 5. Click on the image file (in this example, big_color_dragon) and click [Select].


Step 6. Complete the remaining fields on the Insert Image window.

Step 7. Click [OK] to insert your image into the lesson.