Adding Content -- Images, Audio, Video (cont'd)

How-to insert an audio clip

You can insert the following audio file types into your SoftChalk lesson: aiff, au, mid, midi, mp3, ra, ram, rmf, wav, wma.

Let's say you want to insert an MP3 audio clip that you have saved to your MSUM Media File Manager account. Complete the following steps to learn how to insert an audio clip into your lesson.

Inserting .mp3 and .wav files from your MSUM Media File Manager account:

Step 1. Upload the audio clip to your MSUM Media File Manager acccount. Copy the link address for your audio clip (for this example, the URL provided for our file is rtsp://

Step 2. Place your cursor at the location in your SoftChalk lesson where you want to insert the audio clip.

Step 3. From the SoftChalk menu bar, click Insert and then click Widget.

Step 4. Enter the Name and Description of the Widget.

In the Widget code field Paste:

<embed src="Insert the Link here" width="320" height="256" autoplay="true" controller="true" type="video/quicktime" scale="tofit" pluginspage=""> </embed>

Paste and Replace Insert the Link here with the Media Server URL link .

Change the beginning portion of the web address from rtsp to http.


Step 5. Click [OK] to embed the audio into the lesson.